Sam Trenholme
11835 Carmel Mtn Rd #1304-187,
San Diego, CA 92128


Software developer, web programmer, and support engineer with expertise in Linux/UNIX, software development and testing, IT customer and technical support. Skills include:
  • Lifelong use of computers
  • Using AWS systems for four years
  • Extensive software development and IT support experience
  • Two years experience using Jenkins to automate builds
  • Extensive Python experience
  • Extensive C programming experience
  • Extensive Bash (UNIX) scripting experience
  • Extensive Python experience
  • Professional developer of Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, REST, JSON, PHP, and other web design languages
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computational Linguistics, Magna Cum Laude
  • Multiple decades of Linux experience
  • Experience with Terraform and Ansible for large scale deployments
  • Spanish-language fluency


I am looking for a job where I can keep my professional skills current while being a full-time single parent. This means a low-stress job where I can work at home, without travel or relocation from the San Diego area.


Work Experience
2018 - Present
ICU Medical
Software/DevOps Engineer
Software development and Dev Ops integration
  • Writing automation software
  • Creating and deploying AWS clusters
  • Work as a DevOps engineer and Software developer
  • Maintaining Python programs that interact with AWS
  • Using internal Python and Bash scripts to deploy our infrastructure
  • Using cloud formation, Cloud9, S3, EC2, and other AWS technologies
  • Building and deploying VMware ESXi test servers
  • Performing validation paperwork for the ISO Compliant company
  • Using Jira, Confluence, Agile Scrum, Git, Perforce, and other collaboration tools.
  • Working with large data sets using MySQL and Amazon Aurora.
  • Using Docker to create images used by our Jenkins server.
Dev Ops Engineer
Testing and automation for a large-scale project
  • Assisting with the testing and automated deployment structure for a large software-as-a-service project
  • Created Docker containers for our service
  • Formatted and updated the documentation for our platform
  • Adding security checks to our continuous integration process
  • Using Chef, Packer, Ansible, and Terraform to build and deploy servers to our internal data center and to AWS
2017 - 2018
Dev Ops Engineer
Developing test plans, continuous integration, and test automation
  • Developing test plans, functional tests, and unit tests
  • Setting up continuous integration using Jenkins
  • Using Docker containers to run automated tests
  • Writing automated tests in Python using the Splinter and Selenium frameworks.
  • Using Git, Gitlab, Jira, Confluence, and other collaboration tools
  • Using Amazon cloud virtual servers to test software
2014 - 2017
Synthetic Genomics
Web Software Engineer
Developing, testing, and extending web applications
  • Developing a web portal using Javascript, Bootstrap, AJAX, and jQuery to communicate with a REST back end server
  • Maintaining and updating a backend server using Python, Django (with both sqlite3 and MySQL databases), Virtualenv, among other technologies
  • Made a browser test automation suite to quickly ensure web site functionality
  • Developed and maintain an interactive shopping cart using PHP
  • Using object oriented methodologies to keep code maintainable
  • Using Linux, Apache, nginx, and other technologies to achieve company goals
  • Working with scientists, fellow software engineers, and end customers to give them an optimized experience with our web page
2010 - 2014
Flight Lookup
Applications Engineer
Developed and performed SQA for back-end web applications
  • Created Python back-end to provide data to web front-end
  • Used Python, Pip, MongoDB, sqlite3, cloud computing, among other technologies
2001 - 2010
Open-Source Software Developer
Single-handedly created a notable Internet DNS server
  • Designed and implemented an open source program providing a complex Internet service (DNS)
  • The project has a Wikipedia page and a GitHub page
  • Technologies used include: C, Perl, UNIX Shell scripts, and networking
2006 - 2010
Kreston Accounting Puebla
Translator; Computer and IT Support; English Teacher
Translated documents, fixed computers, and provided ESL instruction
  • Translated communications, proposals, and documents from Spanish to English
  • Provided IT support for our office computers
  • Designed course work and taught English to employees
2003 - 2005
California State University, Fresno
Web and Database Developer
Designed and implemented a dynamic web site
  • Made a web page to help linguists research languages which is still online
  • Technologies used: PHP for the dynamic page, MySQL for the database backend


2002 - 2005
California State University, Fresno
Bachelor’s degree in Computational Linguistics Magna cum Laude (3.7 GPA). Distinguished student of the year for the linguistics department.